JBL Control CRV-WH Versatile High Design 4" Indoor/Outdoor 70/100V Loudspeaker, White, Single

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JBL Control CRV-WH Versatile High Design 4" Indoor/Outdoor 70/100V Loudspeaker, White, Single


The JBL Control CRV-WH Loudspeaker brings high design and versatility to commercial applications such as restaurants, retail stores, lounges, theme bars, music cafes, hotels, boardrooms, boutiques, museums, leisure venues, outdoors, upscale lobbies and other foreground and background music and paging applications that require a fashionable look with superb sound quality.

Dual 100 mm (4") woofers feature Polyplas cones for durability, large 32 mm (1-1/2") voice coils wound on vented aluminum formers for high power handling and dual neodymium magnets for high output with low harmonic distortion. The 19 mm (3/4") tweeter features a titanium laminate dome tweeter, a shielded neodymium magnet and Ferrofluid cooling for maximum power handling and reduced thermal compression. A bi-radial waveguide reduces high frequency variations in the frequency response across the listening area.

The advanced high-slope crossover network (36 dB per octave high-pass to the tweeter and 18 dB per octave low-pass to the woofers) provides natural midrange sound quality along with smooth pattern coverage in the crossover region.

JBL Control CRV speaker is exceedingly versatile with multiple installation possibilities. The JBL Control CRV speaker can be wall-mounted aimed straight out from the wall, angled down at a 45deg. aiming axis, mounted spanning the junction of a wall and ceiling or spanning the junction of a wall and another wall. At a junction, the unique curved shape of the speaker couples well with both boundary surfaces, forming a dual ground plane configuration, which increases the acoustic length of the speaker, providing additional spaciousness to the sound character and increased bass output.

In addition, two or three Control CRV speakers can be joined together to create loudspeaker solutions for a wide variety of coverage, appearance and mounting requirements. Using the optional PMB pole-mount bracket, four speakers can be joined together and suspended by a ceiling fan pole to form a cluster module with 360deg. horizontal coverage.