Outdoor Storage Shed 342 cu ft Capacity, Beige

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Outdoor Storage Shed: 11 3/8 ft x 6 1/4 ft x 6 1/4 ft, 342 cu ft Capacity, Beige

Item #13X106

    • Product Type Outdoor Storage Shed
      Color  Beige
      Door Opening Height  73 in
      Door Opening Width  65 in
      Nominal Exterior Depth  6 ft
      Nominal Exterior Width  11 ft
      Nominal Exterior Height 6 ft
      Wall Material Steel  Roof Material Steel
      Storage Capacity 342 cu ft  Includes Lock No
      Assembled Unassembled
      Interior Depth 5 5/8 ft
      Fire Rating Not Rated
      Lockable Yes
      Interior Height 6 1/4 ft
      Interior Width 11 1/4 ft
      Includes Floor No
      Door Type Hinged
      Number of Doors 2
      Roof Design Slope
      Handle Type Pull
      Hinge Material Steel
      Method of Construction Bolted
      Frame Thickness 31 ga
      Includes Lockable Doors With Latches

Strong, waterproof, corrugated steel shed can be easily assembled by a single person in just 4 hr. Includes pre-made 2-pc. hinged doors with locking latches.

• Support 27-lb.sq. ft.
• Withstand winds of up to 91kmhr