Twin Walk-Behind Outdoor Hand Push Sweeper

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S 4 Twin Walk-Behind Outdoor Hand Push Sweeper - 5.25 Gal. Capacity

The Twin Push Sweeper is the machine for you, clean up anything and everything, whether petals in spring, sand in the summer, leaves in autumn, or grit in winter. The effective and ergonomic S4 twin sweeper from Karcher ensures dazzling appearances around the house and your garden in record time all year round. The long bristles of the side brushes ensure thorough cleanliness right to the edge. The infinitely variable push handle can be optimally adapted to the height of the respective user, and the bayonet fitting ensures that the screws can no longer get lost when adjusting the height. The sweeper can be easily collapsed as required without stooping thanks to a footplate at the frame and can carried by the handle anywhere for space-saving storage. The tool-free side brush attachment is unique, and the sweeper is ready for use in no time. The waste container can hold large amounts of debris and be easily removed, safely put down, and emptied without any contact with dirt.

  • Human-Powered Push Sweeper: The S 4 Twin cleans 5 times faster than cleaning with a conventional broom. Perfect for cleaning pavement, patios, garages, walkways, driveways, and more
  • Effortless Sweeping: Large bristles let you sweep an area up to 26,000 square feet per hour, and it's powerful side brushes feature a sweeping width of 26.8
  • Quiet Motorless Operation: The S 4 Twin, operating at a mere 42dB, is exponentially quieter than a leaf blower (93dB to 106dB) and captures dust, rather than blowing it around. It's push-powered design means no electricity or gas is needed
  • Quick Container Disposal: Features a 5.25-gallon waste container that stores more debris and can be quickly removed and emptied without coming into contact with the dirt
  • Lightweight, Sturdy Design: Weighs only 22 pounds and is easy to push with minimal physical effort
  • Ergonomic & Compact: Featuring a back-friendly fold-down push handle for easy sweeping at any height, the sweeper can be stored upright, as well as collapsed, taking up minimal storage space

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