Neewer NW-81 PRO Condenser Microphone for Canon Nikon Sony Camcorder

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Neewer NW-81 PRO Condenser Microphone for Canon Nikon Sony Camcorder,DSLR Cameras, Shotgun Mono Microphone for Speech Stage TV Conferences Media Interview

condenser Microphone:

The PRO Condenser Microphone is designed for business use in media interviews, conferences, speech, stage, film and television.

It has a cardioid pick-up pattern that isolates the main sound source and minimizes background noise, highlighting the performance with smooth frequency response range for best vocal.

The microphone is suitable for all camcorder and DSLR camera with 3.5 mm 6.35 mm microphone input socket and hotshoe.

Anti-wind Foam Cap and Stable Stand help to eliminate noise and prevent the recording from the effects of vibration. And the XLR cable is 8 meters in length, which satisfies various voice pickup demands.

Power Supply: DC 1.5V

Directional: Uni-directional

Capsule Type: Condenser

Normal Impedance: 2.3K Ohm (Short distance)

Effective Pickup Range: 9.8 feet/3 meters

Battery Working Time: 26 hours (using one battery of NO. 5)

AA Battery:

Heavy Metal Contents: Hg <1 ppm; Cd<20 ppm; Pb<40 ppm

Nominal Voltage: 1.5V

Special Temperature: Around 30?

Standard Humidity: 45%-75%

Diameter: LR6 13.8 - 14.3

Capacitance: 2800mAh (S. T. 25mA constant-current discharge to 0.8V )

Discharge Methods: 1h/d continuous

Under suitable room temperature environment, its shelf time is 3 years.

Package Contents:

1 * Anti-wind foam cap

2 * Microphone stands

1 * Gun microphone ( 14.17 inch/ 36cm long / metal body)

1 x 3.5 mm to XLR Cable

1 x 6.35 mm to XLR
Cable (Length: 26.05 feet/ 8 meters)

6 x AA Battery "