JBL CBT 100LA-LS Line Array Column Loudspeaker with 16x2" Drivers, 120Hz-20kHz Frequency Range, Single, White

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JBL CBT 100LA-LS Line Array Column Loudspeaker with 16x2" Drivers, 120Hz-20kHz Frequency Range, Single, White



  • JBL CBT 100LA-LS Line Array Column Loudspeaker
  • Swivel (Pan)/Tilt Wall Bracket
  • MTC-PC2 Terminal Panel Cover


The CBT 100LA-LS, with Constant Beamwidth Technology, represents a breakthrough in pattern control consistency, utilizing complex analog delay beam-forming and amplitude tapering to accomplish superior, consistent vertical coverage without the narrow vertical beaming and out-of-coverage lobing that are typical of straight form-factor column speakers. The slim, compact design fits well into virtually any architectural decor. The 100 cm (39.4") tall line array height provides consistent pattern control throughout the intelligibility band, making the CBT 100LA-LS ideal for difficult acoustic environments. The combination of superior sound quality, excellent pattern control and compact design makes CBT 100LALS ideal for applications such as lecture halls, transit centers, conference rooms, cathedrals, multipurpose spaces, architectural spaces and in-wall recessed locations, among many others. 

The innovative coverage adjustability allows switching between broad and narrow vertical coverage settings to allow matching the coverage and throw requirements of the application. Coverage can be easily switched in-venue with the speaker already installed. This innovation allows a single loudspeaker model to excel in an extremely wide variety of project types. The voicing can be set to match the application through the Music/Speech switch. The Music setting provides flat frequency response, while the Speech setting produces a mid-range presence boost to provide clear, intelligible speech even at the longest throw distances. The drivers feature dual neodymium magnets for light weight. Copper capped pole pieces lower both the driver inductance and the flux modulation, resulting in increased high frequency extension and reduced distortion at high drive levels. Butyl rubber surrounds provide long life even in high humidity environments. The drivers are shielded