JBL C29AV-WH-1 8" 2-Way Indoor/Outdoor Monitor Speaker, White, Single

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JBL C29AV-WH-1 8" 2-Way Indoor/Outdoor Monitor Speaker, White, Single


The JBL C29AV-1 8" 2-Way Indoor/Outdoor Monitor Speaker (White) provides improved voicing for extremely flat, high fidelity performance, extended bandwidth and well-controlled defined coverage from a compact loudspeaker. The rotatable high-frequency horn allows use of the speaker in either vertical or horizontal orientation. Consistent coverage ensures excellent sound character throughout the listening area. Moderate magnetic shielding allows use of the speaker as close as 230 mm (9") to video monitors.

The top-quality line distribution transformer, designed for minimal insertion loss and reduced saturation, allows use of either 70V or 100V distributed speaker lines. In bypass position, the 8Ohm impedance allows use of multiple speakers on a loudspeaker line.

The included InvisiBall mounting method is simple to install, aims easily and provides a high degree of theft deterrence. InvisiBall allows horizontal rotation of up to 41deg. off-axis and vertical rotation of up to 36deg. (horn end inward) or 23deg. (woofer end inward). Attachment points for the optional MTC-29UB U-bracket allows for compact installation.